Shade Tree A's Photos

of Club Activities

The Shade Tree A's Model A Ford Club

Augusta, Georgia


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First Tour 2007 The Furniture Doctor

 Sweathart Breakfast February

Jacksonville Meet February

 Tech Seminar 03/03

 MARC - Joliet

 Social Security Run

Junipers Tour

 MARC - Williamsburg


Tech Seminar 07/14

  Garage Tour 08/25

 Hickory Knob State Park Tour - 07/29

 Edge Hill Frolic - August 3rd

 August Dinner Meeting August 13th


Chattanooga Hill Climb September 6-9

 Penny Pinson Annual Hot Dog Day 09/22


Smith & Jones Flea Market - 09/28-29 

 Oliver Hardy Parade October 6th

Annual Steak Cookout October 20th


Tech Seminor 10/27

Richland Creek Old Farm Days - Nov 3rd


Christmas Parades


Christmas Lights Tour


Christmas Party