Step Back in Time in '99

Lancaster, Pa

August 9-13th

Hosted by the Running Board A's


This article features some of the events and outings which the Shade Tree A's of Augusta, Ga participated in during their tour to Lancaster, Pa in the summer of 1999. The round trip from Augusta to Lancaster and back encompassed approximately 1,400 hot miles with temperatures in the 100s during the entire week.


For the Shade Tree A's, the tour's starting point was Al's restaurant in North Augusta, SC. for breakfast, of course. This was to be our last southern style breakfast for a week. The club also sponsored the southeastern leg of the MARC tour and members from other clubs joined us at Al's for the tour. The 'woody' belongs to Dale Gosa of Jacksonville, FL.







First night's stopover was in Burlington, NC at the Holiday Inn. where we met up with members of clubs from Charlotte, NC and Columbia, SC. That's Sheila McPherson waving from their Tudor.



Culpepper Motel




Second night's stopover was in Culpepper, VA at the Holiday Inn









First day at the Lancaster Host hotel. I've never seen so many A's in one place!








This is only a small sample of all the A's parked around the host hotel. Many more were parked at other motels scattered about Lancaster.








A's lining up for up for Touring Class Judging






Touring Class Judging


During the week long meet, one of the events was the judging of the Touring Class.






The car in the right front, belonging to Frank Knapp of the Shade Tree A's, received the "MARC of Excellence" in the Touring Class.






This 1928 Model A Air Compressor turned a lot of heads.









The compressor was towed by a pickup that was entered in the Touring Class Judging







These are some if the cars competing for the Fine Point Judging. Note that this class got to be "inside" in the cool air conditioned building, unlike those competing in the Touring Class outside in the heat.




Back outside in the hot sun many enjoyed searching for that much needed part.






Others just enjoyed visiting with old friends and making new ones.






Of course, not all the time in Lancaster was spent at the meet. Some sightseeing, great food and just plan light hearted entertainment was also on the agenda.




Here we see three brave Shade Tree A members posing for an Amish farm photo.






Just had to stop and check out an Amish fruit stand.


Good friends, good food and Model A's...what more could one ask for? Shade Tree A members pose for a group photo prior to our last meal at an Amish buffet near Lancaster

. Left to right - Front Row: Pascal Bryant, Barbara Bryant, Doris Brown, Caroll Gazette, Tony Gazette, Kim McDaniel, Sheila McPherson, Dale Gosa, & Monroe Wade. Back Row: Jim Brown, Frank Knapp, and Richard Dunevent. Behind the camera: John McDaniel, Jim McPherson, & Dan Perla.


On the return trip to Augusta, some of the members stopped at Great Falls, SC for lunch and ended up visiting with local model a enthusiasts, touring local historical district, and taking some photos before hitting the road.


The three Model A's on the right belong to Shade Tree A members. The coupe is an 'original' unrestored gem that had just recently been rejuvenated during the week we were in Lancaster. The owner had seen us pass through town on the way to Lancaster and got the 'fever'. With the help of the shop owner shown in this photo, the coupe was resuscitated and back on the road.





Model A's posed for a photo in front of Great Falls, SC "Old Town" area store fronts. The town's in the process of a restoration project and the committee felt that such a photo would help in their campaign efforts.






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